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The (unofficial) home of news, updates, game recaps and opinions about the Motor City Rockers of the FPHL.


I have been a music addict and collector since kindergarten when I would bring my latest records in to show and tell. It has only gotten worse from there. There is nothing I am more passionate about, and since I can't play an instrument to save my life, I decided to combine something I have always been told I am good at (writing) with my love of music.

My goal with Now It's On is to share the music, albums and concerts that are important to me. I have my favorite artists, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Grandaddy, Jason Lytle and George Michael among them, and then there are the new artists who I come across weekly who help my music collection grow.

Because I write in my spare time, and I don't always even have that, you won't find many negative reviews here. I'd rather spend the limited time I have to write sharing something I enjoyed or that moved me in some way instead of bashing an album that wasn't my thing. If an established artist I like or collect releases some crap, I'll write about it as I also use this blog to capture my musical memories, but I don't feel it does a local or indie artist any good to have their work trashed by a part-time blogger, and I don't want to waste my limited writing time on that either.

Having said that, I encourage any band or musician who comes across this blog and wishes to submit their album or music for review to contact me. My e-mail address is linked off the blog. I love coming across new stuff and have truly enjoyed a lot of the music that artists have contacted me with in the last few years. Just understand if I like it I am happy to write about it, if it is not my thing, I don't feel a negative review does you or I any good.

Thanks for reading Now It's On.


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