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June 21, 2012


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Your reviews are excellent. I appreciate the time you take on them since it is fun for me to read long pieces about unofficial releases. Well done, mate.

Mike A.

Thanks so much Sean for the kind words. Very much appreciated.


Appreciate the reviews as well. I do have to make an observation about the Welcome to America Tour that I think must be said.

To really enjoy these shows for this tour I think you have to be there in the audience. Occasionally, we are going to get some songs that you haven't heard in a long while, but these shows are not for the hardcore, those who want to hear songs from Prince's deep catalog. If he left off Let's Go Crazy, boy are you going to hear from concert goers in the parking lot. I recall reading a comment about a Prince show, to paraphrase, "I went to see him and he played all these songs that I didn't know and it was awful".


Yes, great reviews. Spot on. U can tell the personal history is there. Purple Politicians, love them.

Not sure if I appreciate the Vegas act reference thou. My partner and I hit 2 shows and a hushed aftershow when he did his Vegas residency. That was a real nice time. Funkee. A boot never surfaced of any of the shows, bumma.

Very tired of the retirement show too. Needs to re-invent. Re-invest. Has the dawn turned to dusk already?

Great Blog.

Mike A.

Thanks for the kind words. I feel you on the Vegas reference, wasn't sure how else to describe it. Show tunes versions? Just not feeling the medley's and arrangements of some of the songs.

Thanks again for reading!

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